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87% of 100

We believe that you don’t need to hire a developer to create a Magento 2 form. That’s why we built Blue Form Builder, a drag & drop Magento 2 form builder extension that’s EASY and POWERFUL. 

Community Edition: 2.1.x - 2.2.x
Enterprise Edition: 2.1.x - 2.2.x

Installation Service is optional and covers installation of the extension by our team into a single Magento location. Live, dev or staging servers/locations are treated as separate.
Special Price $80.00 Regular Price $99.00
30 days money back
FREE lifetime updates
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Easy and Powerful Magento 2 Form Builder

Want to create various forms for your customers to fill out but have no coding skills? Decide to hire a programmer but feel tired of waiting 5-7 days to build a complete form? And on top of that, feel worried about paying as much as hundreds of dollars for the programmer? Then let Magento 2 Form Builder take the load off your mind.

Our extension comes with simple and intuitive drag & drop interface. As a result, you can easily create forms in minutes without writing any code. We also provide you with 30 drag & drop elements so that you can build any types of forms such as contact form, feedback form, survey form, etc. If you want to save more time, then choose among 10 pre-built templates and customize them based on your needs. Besides, with a user-friendly backend, building and managing forms have never been easier.

With Magento 2 Form Builder, your customers can upload unlimited files of any types along with their submissions. All the uploaded files are then managed in just one place in the backend. In addition, our extension lets you break long forms into multi-page forms for customers to easily fill out. Especially, you can create advanced forms with dozens of plugins such as Smart Conditional Logic, Report, MailChimp and so on.

Business Values

  • Save a lot of time and money. No need to hire a programmer and build forms from scratch. Instead, we provide you with 10 templates and 30 drag & drop elements.
  • Boost experience for adminThe admin can take full control of form building with easy-to-use backend.
  • Boost experience for customers. Our forms are 100% responsive, meaning that they look great on any kind of devices. Moreover, with AJAX-based frontend design, the whole page doesn't have to reload after a form submission.
  • Improve customer service. The extension allows you to create high performance and eye-catching Magento 2 custom forms. Certainly, this will attract customers to fill out the forms and build a close relationship with them.

Feature Highlights

Basic or advanced, our Magento 2 Form Builder has all needed features to create POWERFUL forms EASILY.

Drag & Drop Magento 2 Form Builder

Easily create powerful forms with no coding required.

File Uploads

Let your customers upload unlimited files of any types with their form submissions.

Fully Customizable Auto Email Notifications

Auto send notification emails to both admins and customers after form submissions.

Spam Prevention with Captcha

Automatically protect your store from spam with Google reCaptcha and Magento 2 Captcha.

Form Templates

Save time with 10 pre-built form templates.

Multi-Page Forms

Break long forms into multiple pages to improve user engagement.

Layouts and Styles

Easily create eye-catching forms to attract more customers to fill out.

Responsive Mobile Friendly and AJAX-based Forms

Improve user experience with 100% responsive and AJAX-based forms.

Submission Management

Save time by managing all form submissions in one place.

Dozens of Plugin Integrations

Create advanced Magento 2 contact forms and other forms with dozens of plugins.

Top 4 reasons why people choose Blue Form Builder

We always try to develop our extension as the #1 form builder for Magento 2. Business owners and developers around the world trust Blue Form Builder, and now it's you!

Drag & drop to create any forms in minutes without writing any code

Create any forms in minutes without writing any code

Building forms has never been easier with Magento 2 Form Builder extension. With our simple and intuitive drag & drop interface, you can create any desired forms in minutes. More importantly, no coding experience is required.

Also, you can create forms of any types, from contact forms, feedback forms to survey forms and more.

Build smart workflows that make complex forms easy

When using our smart conditional logic, your forms will dynamically change based on user input. You can choose to show or hide fields, send emails to specific people and so on.

We also pre-built 10 customizable templates to save you more time. Therefore, no need to build forms from scratch unless you really want to.

Build smart workflows with smart conditional logic and pre-built templates
Create basic to advanced forms with dozens of elements and plugins

All the elements & plugins you need to create powerful forms

Easily create basic forms with 30 customizable elements. From radio list, file upload, Captcha to Google Maps and more, just choose what you need.

Easily add more power to your forms with dozens of plugins including Smart Conditional Logic, Report, MailChimp, Zapier, etc. So it’s likely we have everything you’ll ever need.

Easily customize to suit your needs

You can style your forms the way you want without knowing CSS. Multi-page, multi-column or eye-catching forms? Our drag & drop interface and skin builder let you do them all.

Magento 2 Form Builder also comes with auto email notifications that is easily customized. It even enables you to auto fill forms with pre-collected information.

Style forms, send auto email notifications and pre-fill forms

Start Building Smarter Magento 2 Forms

Create and Publish Forms in Minutes... What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Blue Form Builder? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your questions are not listed here, please contact us.

Feature FAQs

To install this extension, please refer to Magento 2 Blue Form Builder Installation Guide for detailed instructions. It will take you just a few minutes to install our extension.

Anyone who wants to create Magento 2 custom forms easily should use Blue Form Builder. Whether you are a website owner with little or no coding skills or a developer, Blue Form Builder is a perfect choice.

No coding skills are required. Just use our simple and intuitive drag & drop interface and you can create any forms you want with ease.

Surely not. Our Blue Form Builder is carefully developed based on Magento 2 standards to ensure that your website still runs smooth and fast. Besides, Blue Form Builder was published on Magento Marketplace with quality thoroughly evaluated and verified.

Yes, our extension does support multi store view. You can select any store to display or not display forms.

Yes, you can do this with the help of our Smart Conditional Logic plugin. Just buy and install this plugin that will be integrated with your existing Blue Form Builder.

Yes! For the admin, there will be a notification email about the form submission. For the customer, he/she will receive a success message right on the website and a notification email sent to their email address. You can configure all of these notifications for each form separately in the form settings.

Support FAQs

When you are buying our product, you can see the information of it in add to cart area. In the 'Additional 'Free Installation Support' before adding to cart. Just submit a ticket here and we're ready for help within 24 hours. This service is totally free, all the thing you have to do is providing us with those below information:

  • Order ID

  • SSH account & admin account

Absolutely. Magezon offers lifetime free updates, 90-day free support and free installation support.

After 90 days, you need to pay an extra fee for our support. However, we believe that 90 days is enough for you to install, run and use our extension properly on your website.

If you have any questions or need any support, feel free to contact us through these ways below. We will get back to you within 24 hours since you submit your support request.

Payment FAQs

Currently, we only support product payment via Paypal. However, we will consider other payment methods and notify you of this.

If you are unsatisfied with our product, you can ask for a refund within 30 days since you purchase. Please send your refund request by filling out Contact Us, emailing us at [email protected], submitting a ticket, or contacting us via Skype or live chat.

Yes, you just need to pay one time to get our product without monthly service or update cost or something like that.

License FAQs

According to our license policy, you are allowed to use a single extension license on only one Magento installation.

If you want to use our extension on another Magento installation, you have to purchase another license for this installation.

If you’re running multiple domains or websites under the same Magento installation, you just need to use one extension license.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.3 (released on Sep 7th, 2018)

  • Add new 2 fields: Before Form Content, After Form Content.

Version 1.0.2 (released on Aug 31th, 2018)

  • New: Add new element - Single Checkbox
  • Public new plugin: Form Products

Version 1.0.2 (released on Jul 17th, 2018)

  • New: Add 2 new elements - Google Map, Toogle
  • Update: Magento 2.2.5 support
  • Update: Improve UI/UX in backend
  • Update: Change format of custom variables: {{ELEMENT_NAME}} to [ELEMENT_NAME]

Version 1.0.1 (released on Jun 20th, 2018)

  • New: Add New Element - Single Slider
  • New: Add New Element - Magento 2 Recaptcha
  • New: Add Custom Javascript field

Version 1.0.0 (released on March 26th, 2018)

  • Initial Release

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