Magento 2 Form - Easily Embed Form 

Easy to embed your Magento 2 forms wherever you want such as CMS pages, blocks, layout templates, etc.


Embedding forms is one feature of Blue Form Builder, a simple drag & drop Magento 2 form builder. Together with other features, this one will give you power to create amazing forms with ease!

Easily Embed Form

Embedding forms in specific web pages saves your customers time to find the form page. Instead, they can access the form where they already are.

You can copy and paste a short code into any Magento 2 pages/blocks.

Or more simply, just use Form Widget to choose pages and positions to embed form.

Magento 2 Form Builder | Easily embed form | Widget

We provide you with 4 options of form display. You can choose inline form, popup form, slide in form or link form.

Popup form

The form will pop up when customers click a button that can be placed anywhere on your frontend store. 

Magento 2 Form Builder | Easily embed form | Popup form

Inline form

This kind of form will appear as part of the page, block,... into which you insert the form.

Magento 2 Form Builder | Easily embed form | Inline form

Slide in form

Slide in forms will show up from the side or bottom of the screen after customers click a button.

Magento 2 Form Builder | Easily embed form | Slide in forma

Link form

With this kind of form, your customers will land on the form page after clicking a link.

Magento 2 Form Builder | Easily embed form | Link form

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do support the function of showing popup automatically. Also, you can decide when the form will auto pop up and when it will pop up again. However, please note that this function is only applied to popup form and slide in form. 

Whether they are accessed via form links or embedded on your website, forms created by Magento 2 Form Builder are fully responsive and look great on any kind of devices.

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Great easy forms !

Blue Form Builder makes it so easy to interact with customers. In just minutes, you can set up a Contact form or feedback form with no computer programming experience. Very attractive forms as well as quick & easy to use, and robust — no crashing. Excellent Magento extension !

Review by Pablodi Posted on 9/15/18

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