Blue Form Builder | Submission Management

Store form submissions in one place in the backend, making it easier and more time-saving to manage them.


Submission Management is one feature of Blue Form Builder, a drag & drop Magento 2 form builder extension. Together with other features, this one will give you power to create amazing Magento 2 forms with ease!

Submission Management

As a business owner, time is money.

So we understand how frustrating it is as you can only view or collect form submissions by opening emails. It’s even more time-consuming when you struggle to find these emails among piles of others.

With Blue Form Builder, this is no longer a problem.

View all submissions

In the backend, we create one place for you to store submissions of all forms. Here you can view, delete, mark as unread and filter them.

View submissions of a form

In each form's settings, you can view all submissions of this form. Also, you can export them to CSV for further use.

View a single submission

- View a submission in details in backend with such information as submission data, customer notification email, admin notification email and other information.

- View a submission on frontend:


Yes, with editing function, you can make changes to customers’ submitted form data. Go to Content > Form Submissions, then click View in Action column to open the submission you want to edit. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see the Edit button.

No, your customers can not edit their form data once the form is submitted.

Yes, our extension allows you to export form submissions to PDF. However, we developed this function into separate PDF plugin, so you need to buy and install this plugin to be able to save your form submissions as PDF.

Yes. Just go to the form edit page and click Export Submissions on the top bar to export submissions of this form to CSV. 

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