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Collect different types of files from customers with File Uploads element


File Uploads is one feature of Blue Form Builder, a simple drag & drop Magento 2 form builder. Together with other features, this one will give you power to create amazing forms with ease!

Add File Uploads Field

File Uploads feature allows your customers to upload files with their form submissions.

To add this field to a form, simply add File Upload element in the backend with one single click.

Limit Uploaded File Type, Size & Number

There is no limit to the number of uploaded files. Besides, we support all types of files such as images, videos, PDFs, Word documents, etc.

We support all file types, but it doesn’t mean you want to collect all. Limit file types for safety and security? Or restrict customers’ attachments by upload size and number to save storage space? You can do them all in File Upload element settings.

Manage Uploaded Files

In the backend, we create a place for you to manage all uploaded files. There you can view, delete and download them easily.

Other Settings

  • Add & customize icon

  • Enable multiple files upload at a time and drag & drop interface


Any size as long as your server can support it. The settings in this extension will NOT override your php.ini settings, for example.

However, we suggest you limit uploaded file size to save server storage space.

Yes, we do support multi-file uploads to a single upload field. Customers can do this by dragging & dropping files into file upload field or clicking the field to select files.

Yes, there is no limit to the number of file upload elements you can add to a form.

Yes, our extension allows you to attach uploaded files to notification emails for both admins and customers. Open a form and go to Settings > Email NotificationsThen open the Admin tab and Customer tab and turn on this function. 

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