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EQP explanation can be found in this official blog post from Magento. View Tabs Pro on Magento Market Place

Tabs Pro is a perfect management of product listing and customizing. This extension will make your page more appealing and professional by displaying all products in the neatest way.

  • Create tab profiles depending on 9 conditions and different categories
  • Create the unlimited tab items
  • Easily customize the content of the tabs
  • Support Color Swatches
  • Support multiple product rows
  • Support multiple store views
  • Ajax loading helps save time
  • Fully responsive
  • Widget function helps add tabs to any place in the storefront

Community Edition: 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.x.2, 2.3.x
Enterprise Edition: 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.x.2, 2.3.x

Installation Service is optional and covers installation of the extension by our team into a single Magento location. Live, dev or staging servers/locations are treated as separate.
30 days money back
FREE lifetime updates
90 days free support


In fact, your home page always gets more views than any other page. Hence, the big problem is most of the online stores fail to direct the customers towards the right page. Then your sales cannot boost steadily. Deeply understanding this case, we guarantee our Magento 2 tabs pro will help you easily replace the default Magento tabs with more informative and helpful tabs. Furthermore, you can also add the unlimited number of dynamic tabs on each tab profiles. 

Having an online store with tons of products unarranged? Finding a tool to help you set up your store’s products systematically? Wanna replace simply traditional Magento 2 tabs with more attractive one?
It's time to let our Magento 2 Tabs pro solve all the above problems for you. Just stay tuned and find out what's special in this extension.

Business values

Give your customers excellent browsing experiences

Now, your customers can proceed your store by any device conveniently thanks to 100% responsive interface. In addition, color swatches supported means they can see exactly how their products look right on the homepage. The customers no longer have to scroll down all the product page or search for specific content, they can conveniently view the part they are interested. Such a smooth and lovely experience

Easily customize tabs from the backend

No need to worry about being a web administrator, with the help of Magento 2 Tabs pro, you can make tabs yourself without touching any code. Thus, you can set your product filter by any condition and category you want or even combine them together. Just make the tabs your way to impress your visitors.

Save time and money

As you know, we provide this amazing item with NO FEE at all. Totally free! We guarantee it's helpful for you to keep your customers stay longer. In addition, Ajax loading can save time for your page. Hence, it will absolutely raise your rank in Google SERP.

Feature Highlights

Create tab profiles depending on 9 conditions and different categories

You now can create your tab profiles up to 9 product conditions:

  • Latest
  • New Arrival
  • Best Sellers
  • On Sale
  • Most Viewed
  • Wishlist Top
  • Top Rated
  • Featured
  • Free
  • Furthermore, you can also arrange the tabs to filter products by categories such as Women, Men, Top, Bottom… The more specific the tabs are, the more convenient finding products will be!

    Magento 2 Tabs | Product Filter

    Magento 2 Tabs | Create Unlimited Tabs

    Create unlimited tab items

    In each tab profiles, you can freely create the tabs. The number of the tabs depends on your decision. From the backend, you can drag and drop to change the position of each tab. Nothing is easier than that. Thus, create as many tab items as you want! Without any coding knowledge!

    Easily customize the content of the tabs

    Our Tabs comes with the dynamic and drag & drop interface like Ninja Menus, so you can get full control over all added product tabs. As a result, you could look through all created tabs, change their status or delete them. Using clear tab information fieldset you could choose up to 9 block types, change the sort order, assign to multiple store views, change the title, content inside easily. 

    Magento 2 Tabs | Customize content

    Magento 2 Tabs | Color Swatches

    Support color swatch

    When your customers wanna know how their shirt, tee or trousers look in the color chosen, they must go to the product page. Sometimes and somehow they will feel tired of waiting for it to load. Thus, the wish of buying these things will decrease. In order to avoid this inconvenience, we support color swatch inside this extension which helps show off the product's appearance immediately after choosing a color. Your customers will 100% satisfied with this experience cause it not only saves time a lot but it's professional as well. 

    Support multiple product rows

    Our tabs will not limit the display of products in the same range. Hence, you can create as many rows as possible. Accordingly, it's about time to think about the format of your pages and arrange the tabs your way.

    Magento 2 Tabs | Product Row

    Magento 2 Tabs | Multiple store views

    Support multiple store views

    Now you get the ability to configure different tabs for store views. As a result, the product tabs translation now won't be challenging anymore! You are able to translate global tab profiles from the backend.
    This Magento 2 Tabs Pro helps store owners provide the necessary content and a wide product range making the respective shopping experience easier.

    Ajax loading helps save time

    Only load visible content rather than all content on the page at once. Hence, it will absolutely improve performance, make the website much faster and more nimble. Furthermore, retrieving all tab products efficiently via AJAX helps avoid page reloading every time. 

    Magento 2 Tabs | Ajax Loading

    Magento 2 Tabs | Fully Responsive

    Fully responsive

    Mobile is everywhere. Thus, offering your visitors responsive product tabs will encourage your mobile visitors to discover your exclusive products. In addition, your website will look great on all screen resolutions. Finally, mobile customer support will help you to increase overall sales.

    Widget function helps add tabs to any place in the storefront

    You can use Magento widgets in order to create new tabs using the existing product tabs. Accordingly, this widely customizable tool will help you to add the Tabs to wherever you want much faster.

    Magento 2 Tabs | Widget Function


    Fully Configurable

    • 100% Open source
    • Easy to install and configure
    • Drag & Drop interface
    • User-friendly interface
    • Support multiple store vỉews
    • Free lifetime upgrades

    • Multi-Language supported

    • No core code changes

    • Support all pages

    Responsive & Mobile

    • Responsive layout
    • Configurable Breakpoint
    • 100% responsive

    Easy to use

    • Easily edit tabs
    • Create an unlimited number of tabs in each profile
    • Customize tab content easily
    • Support widget to set the tabs position
    • Support multiple product rows

    Boost sales

    • Show off product color by swatch
    • Reduce page loading time by Ajax
    • Support all page positions
    • Enhance customer shopping experience
    • Color swatches supported
    • OWL Carousel enhances customer's experience
    • Auto-related products
    • Bestseller products in the sidebar
    • Product list on the checkout page

    Product filter

    • Filter by 9 product conditions:

      - Latest

      - New Arrival

      - Best Sellers

      - On Sale

      - Most Viewed

      - Wishlist Top

      - Top Rated

      - Featured

      - Free

    • Filter by product categories

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have any questions about Magento 2 Tabs Pro? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your questions are not listed here, please contact us.

    Feature FAQs

    To install this extension, please refer to Magento 2 Tabs Pro Installation Guide for detailed instructions. It will take you just a few minutes to install our extension.

    From the backend, access in the Manage Tab function. Then, you enter a new title of the tab into the field Title then click the Save button. If it doesn’t work in the frontend, try refreshing your cache. Click here for more detail.

    We do provide multiple store views to this extension. First, you should get your website content translated into different languages. Then, in the backend, edit the content in each store view by the target language. Take a look here for guidance.

    Of course! Without any coding skill! Our drag & drop interface lets you customize your tab profiles your way. Smoothly and easily with the simplest backend ever!

    Choosing the position from the backend. Click here for step-by-step guidance.

    As you know, this extension can make your products arranged. It means your customers can navigate easily to find what they want among the tabs. In addition, it supports ajax loading technique that reduces time loading - your customers will like it. Last but not least, we also provide color swatches for configurable products that help show off the product’s appearance immediately after choosing a color.

    Absolutely not! We support you with Ajax loading of Magento. No more reloading for the whole page. Loading less means loading faster. This extension will help your store enhance performance dramatically.

     Being 100% responsive means you can run our extension on any device you have. Cell phones, tablets, personal computers, etc.

    Support FAQs

    When you are buying our product, you can see the information of it in Add to cart area. In the 'Additional 'Free Installation Support' before adding to cart. Just submit a ticket here and we're ready for help within 24 hours. This service is totally free, all the thing you have to do is providing us with those below information:

    • Order ID

    • SSH account & admin account

    Absolutely. Magezon offers lifetime free updates, 90-day free support, and free installation support.

    After 90 days, you need to pay an extra fee for our support. However, we believe that 90 days is enough for you to install, run and use our extension properly on your website.

    If you have any questions or need any support, feel free to contact us through these ways below. We will get back to you within 24 hours since you submit your support request.

    Payment FAQs

    This product is TOTALLY FREE! No fee required. Just enjoy it and wait for a big change from your store.

    (For our other products) If you are unsatisfied with our product, you can ask for a refund within 30 days since you purchase. Please send your refund request by filling out Contact Us, emailing us at [email protected], submitting a ticket, or contacting us via Skype or live chat.

    (For our other products) Yes, you just need to pay one time to get our product without monthly service or update cost or something like that.

    License FAQs

    According to our license policy, you are allowed to use a single extension license on only one Magento installation.

    If you want to use our extension on another Magento installation, you have to purchase another license for this installation.

    If you’re running multiple domains or websites under the same Magento installation, you just need to use one extension license.

    Release Notes

    New Update - released on Dec 13th, 2018

    • Compatible with Magento2.3

    Version 1.0.0 - released on March 20th, 2018

    • Initial Release

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