Magento 2 Form - Form Pre-filling

Pre-fill forms with customer, product & page information to boost conversion rates.

Sometimes, you already know some answers in a form. And you want to save your customers' time by pre-filling these answers for them.

Our Magento 2 Blue Form Builder allows you to do this with ease. You can pre-fill forms with information related to customers, pages and products.


  • Pre-fill name, email, etc. for logged in users.
  • Pre-fill product information with name, SKU, price, etc. that are available on the product page.
  • Auto-fill page title and URL key.

All you have to do is choose appropriate default values for elements in the settings. This way, your users don’t need to fill those elements that are auto filled with pre-collected information.

Choose appropriate default values for elements to pre-fill form data for customers

Pre-filling certain form data means that there are fewer elements to fill out. This will certainly motivate your customers to complete the form, especially the long ones.

In addition, form pre-filling can provide you with the information you need. For example, by auto-filling page title or URL key, you will know from which page your customers submit their forms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In the Form Builder section, click the element, then go to Advanced > Default Value and choose an appropriate value for the element. For example, with “Email” element, you can choose [] value.

Configure form pre-filling feature in the backend

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Great easy forms !

Blue Form Builder makes it so easy to interact with customers. In just minutes, you can set up a Contact form or feedback form with no computer programming experience. Very attractive forms as well as quick & easy to use, and robust — no crashing. Excellent Magento extension !

Review by Pablodi Posted on 9/15/18

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