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Auto send emails notifying both admins and customers of form submissions


Auto email notifications is one feature of Blue Form Builder, a simple drag & drop Magento 2 form builder. Together with other features, this one will give you power to create amazing forms with ease!

Auto Email Notifications

Magento 2 auto email notifications ensures you to respond quickly to customers.

Whenever a form is submitted, Blue Form Builder will notify you and your customers via email.

Multiple receivers

You can send emails to multiple people in your team to ensure timely response. All you need to do is separate each email address with commas. 

Custom variables

Make your email notifications more dynamic with custom variables. In the emails that you and customers receive, these variables will be replaced with relevant submitted data.

It’s super easy to insert these variables. Just choose your wanted ones from a drop-down list.

Example: In the email body, you insert [name] variable. So in the emails that you and customers receive, it will be replaced with customer name filled in the form.

File upload attachments

Want to attach uploaded files in email notifications? Easy. Just turn on the toggle button and Magento 2 Form Builder will do the rest. You can attach uploaded files to emails sent to both admin and customers.


At this time, we don’t have email notification settings for all the forms. Instead, you can customize for each form separately.

In the form edit page, go to Settings > Email Nofications.

Then turn on Attach file uploads to emails buttons in Admin and Customer tabs to enable attaching uploaded files to admin and customer email notifications respectively.

For admin: simply enable email notifications to admin. 

For customers:

- First you need to make sure that your form contains email field. Then in email field settings, in Advanced tab, turn on Send Autoresponder button.

- Make sure to enable email notifications to customers. 

Yes, absolutely. We developed this function into a separate plugin called PDF plugin. Once you finish installing the plugin, the toggle button for this function will appear in email notification settings for both admin and customers.

Yes, Blue Form Builder enables you to send email notifications to appropriate admin members. What you need to do is install Smart Conditional Logic plugin.

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