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Easy With Drag & Drop Interface

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Magento 2 mega menu is an EASY-TO-USE  and extremely CREATIVE extension. No need to be professional in coding and technical skills, you can still make your own navigation menu just by using our simple and intuitive drag & drop interface.

Community Edition: 2.1.x - 2.2.x
Enterprise Edition: 2.1.x - 2.2.x

Installation Service is optional and covers installation of the extension by our team into a single Magento location. Live, dev or staging servers/locations are treated as separate.
Special Price $80.00 Regular Price $99.00
30 days money back
FREE lifetime updates
90 days free support


Do you find your website on Magento 2 mega menu is too simple and unattractive? Do you want to boost your customer’s shopping experience by finding exactly what they want in just one click? Want to easily customize your own menus of your style but have no technical skills? With the help of our Magento 2 Ninja Menus Extension, you can not only solve all these problems but also creatively make a comprehensive menu system by yourself.

No technical or coding knowledge is required! The simple and intuitive drag & drop interface of our Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension helps instantly create any desired menus with tons of complex structures from the backend. Now you don't have to worry about any risks and mistakes anymore. It supports 3 different types and 7 additional elements on the navigation menu. Hence, you can make a creative menu your way showing off all products effectively. Above all, your site is still browsing in a stable speed at that time.

Your customers are now provided with the ability to navigate your online store. They can also find what they’re really looking for in next to no time. Moreover, Magento 2 Ninja Menus Extension is 100% responsive, which means your menu will automatically adapt to any screen size of any devices. Users might browse through your site on the computer screen, tablets or even mobile phones.

Business Values of our Magento 2 mega menu

Time and money saving  

Our amazing Ninja Menus helps you customize without any coding knowledge in minutes. You may fall in love with our intuitive drag & drop interface. It helps create and manage your menus easily and perfectly.  Of course, no expense for the programmer is needed. 

Boost your own experience

Having problems organizing a wide range of menu items in your online store? Don't worry, with Magento 2 Ninja Menus Extension, changing the hierarchy of parent and child relationships for the items from the backend is now a piece of cake. In order to do this, you just Simply drag and drop the items to the desired place to make the layout your way. Besides, with our cache support, you can overcome the anxiety of speed slowdown while browsing your site.

Improve customers’ experience greatly

Being 100% responsive means no need to worry about which platform your website is running on. For this reason, your customers can shop at any time, any place by any device they get. In addition, the user-friendly interface of Magento 2 mega menu makes it easier than ever to find their items.

Feature Highlights

1. Drag & Drop Magento 2 mega menu Builder

You can drag & drop items freely in the navigation menu. Therefore, it's easy to create your menu of columns and rows depending on the requirement. Also, you can re-arrange your menu order at a glance thanks to this amazing feature.

Magento 2 Mega Menu | Drag & Drop

3. Make your menu more attractive with 7 elements supported

Use your own imagination and creativity to make your menu more interesting. For this purpose, you can assign an image or a picture directly from your computer or using the URL. Moreover, our 7 elements can be added to the top, bottom, and side of your menu, fitting it gracefully. More details

Magento 2 Mega Menu | Supported elements

Magento 2 Mega Menu | Fully responsive design

4. Fully Responsive UI design

As you know, responsive web design is essential in your e-commerce website so Ninja Menus is tested successfully in all modern browsers and mobiles. Now, your customers can shop whenever and wherever possible, with any device. Now, no more loading huge website design on such a tiny mobile screen! No more zoom in and out to find what you want!

5. Fastest load time, Cache Supported

In fact, no one should wait for a slowly loading pages. In order to enhance your sale, we make your Magento store faster by supporting super cache feature. This will generate static HTML menu code and bypass the interaction with the database on every page load.  

Magento 2 Mega Menu | Cache supported

Magento 2 Mega Menu | Multi stores and languages

6. Support multiple stores and languages 

The more language preferences your site get, the more convincing it will be. With Ninja Menus, you can create Store Views for different languages. As a result, your customers can switch to their referenced alternatives with ease.

7. Create unlimited levels

Our Magento 2 Ninja Menus Extension allows you to generate an unlimited multi-level navigation. One category can be dragged above, below or inside another category. You can create all the levels at the same time. Also, you can control their positions in the real menu on the storefront. 

Magento 2 Mega Menu | Multi levels

Magento 2 Mega Menu | Customize design

8. Customize the menu design with ease  

With Ninja Menus, you can now be a stylist making your menu creatively without editing CSS file. No coding technique, no technical skill required. Customize your menu styles in background color, border style, font style, padding, etc.  just by working with the Design Option tab.


  • Drag & drop Magento 2 Menu Builder
  • Support horizontal, vertical, accordion navigation menu
  • Support 7 elements: anchor, container, html, image, heading, divider, clear columns
  • 100% fully responsive
  • Fastest load time, cache supported
  • Support multiple stores and languages
  • Create unlimited levels
  • Skin builder
  • Support multi-column
  • Links categories, CMS pages, custom link
  • Support widget
  • Instant import store categories
  • Enhanced font awesome icons
  • Create unlimited menus
  • Built-in LESS stylesheets
  • 90-day free support
  • 30-day money back
  • 100% open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free lifetime upgrades
  • No core code changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Magento 2 Ninja Menu? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your questions are not listed here, please contact us.

Feature FAQs

To install this extension, please refer to Magento 2 Ninja Menu Installation Guide for detailed instructions. It will take you just a few minutes to install our extension.

Anyone who wants to improve sales by making the menu more attractive and easier-to-use. No coding or technical skill required.

What is more important to the sale than being able to manage your menu in your own style, making it special, unique and eye-catching but still user-friendly? Our Magento 2 Ninja mega menu is absolutely what you are looking for to improve your menu layout.

Of course not. Being cache supported means no need to make an HTTP request to load assets like scripts, CSS, and images anymore. Also, your websites can serve content in next to no time, improve both front-end and back-end load times, and reduce stress on the website’s origin server.

With the help of Ninja Menus, adding image background for the submenu is now a piece of cake. Just by following some easy steps. Take a look at our User guide to get more details.

Just by choosing any language in “All store view" drop-down list. More details here.

In Menu Builder mode, click on Import store categories button -> You will see a pop-up with our Default categories inside. Choose the categories you would like to add on your menu and then click Import. Make sure you understand our Import Children button. To have a closer look, click here.

It means your customers are now able to visit and shop around your site more easily. No matter what kind of device they are using, your store can be displayed perfectly. No more zoom in and out to have look at your products on mobiles. As a result, they will eager to visit your site that makes your sales boosted.

We supported all the languages listed in the drop-down list of All store view.

We've already added this function in our extension. Make your menu stick to the top by switching only 1 button in the backend. (We described in the user guide).

Support FAQs

When you are buying our product, you can see the information of it in add to cart area. In the 'Additional 'Free Installation Support' before adding to cart. Just submit a ticket here and we're ready for help within 24 hours. This service is totally free, all the thing you have to do is providing us with those below information:

  • Order ID

  • SSH account & admin account

Absolutely. Magezon offers lifetime free updates, 90-day free support and free installation support.

After 90 days, you need to pay an extra fee for our support. However, we believe that 90 days is enough for you to install, run and use our extension properly on your website.

If you have any questions or need any support, feel free to contact us through these ways below. We will get back to you within 24 hours since you submit your support request.

Payment FAQs

Currently, we only support product payment via Paypal. However, we will consider other payment methods and notify you of this.

If you are unsatisfied with our product, you can ask for a refund within 30 days since you purchase. Please send your refund request by filling out Contact Us, emailing us at [email protected], submitting a ticket, or contacting us via Skype or live chat.

Yes, you just need to pay one time to get our product without monthly service or update cost or something like that.

License FAQs

According to our license policy, you are allowed to use a single extension license on only one Magento installation.

If you want to use our extension on another Magento installation, you have to purchase another license for this installation.

If you’re running multiple domains or websites under the same Magento installation, you just need to use one extension license.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0 (released on Jul 30th, 2018)

  • Initial release

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