Magezon Core Builder

What is it?

Magezon Core Builder is a library based on which we developed our builder extensions such as Page Builder, Form Builder, Ninja Menus, etc. Besides taking Magezon Core Builder as a base, these extensions also include elements and configurations that are specific to each one. 

The main reason we use a core builder for multiple extensions is that it will help you save time in learning how to use our extensions. Getting familiar with one extension using Core Builder means you already know how to use the others. Besides, it’s easier for us to update, maintain our extensions and support you.

What does It Consist of?

Core Builder

Magezon Core Builder includes a user-friendly builder interface where you can easily:

  • Add/Edit/Duplicate/Replace/Remove elements
  • Resize/Rearrange elements
  • Create multiple columns
  • View the layout in a simplified version
  • Manage editing history
  • Clear all created content quickly
  • Preview on different devices
  • Add custom CSS

View updates on the latest version of Magezon Core Builder here.

Core Elements

Magezon Core Builder includes 9 core elements that you can find in every builder extension:

Besides, all elements share the same General settings and Design Options.

Builder Extensions Using Magezon Core Builder

Compatible with Magezon Page Builder

Currently, there are 14 extensions using Magezon Core Builder. One thing to be noted is that other extensions are all compatible with Magezon Page Builder. It means when installing them with Page Builder, you can use elements from Page Builder in these extensions. 

Plugins Compatible With Magezon Core Builder

One special thing about Magezon Core Builder is that it comes with optional plugins that enhance this core builder even more. Let's try some of them and see how your website is taken to the next level.