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Use 35+ elements to create any Magento 2 form you need


35+ Elements is one feature of Blue Form Builder, a drag & drop Magento 2 form builder extension. Together with other features, this one will give you power to create amazing Magento 2 forms with ease!

35+ Elements

How can you collect all needed data from your customers through online forms?

We looked into that and developed 35+ elements including single line text, multiple choice, file upload, Captcha, Google Maps, etc. Thanks to this, you can create any desired form with as many elements as you wish.

Element Settings

Each element comes with its settings in a popup with various options to customize.

Easy Workflow

You can add, duplicate, copy/paste, replace and remove elements with a few clicks. Resize or move them around quickly with drag & drop.  


There are 3 ways you can add an element into the builder section:

    • Click the plus icon in the top bar. Choose wanted element from the popup which will be added at the bottom of the builder section.
    • Click the plus icon at the bottom of the builder section to open the popup containing all elements. The chosen element will be added at the bottom of the builder section.
    • Hover over an element and click the plus icon at the bottom of this element to open the popup containing all elements. The chosen element will be added below this element.

    In case you can’t find the elements you want, please tell us via contact form. We will consider your suggestion and try to add your desired ones.

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