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Prevent spam submissions with Google reCaptcha and Magento 2 Captcha


Spam prevention with Captcha is one feature of Blue Form Builder, a simple drag & drop Magento 2 form builder. Together with other features, this one will give you power to create amazing forms with ease!

Spam Prevention

Spam is always a huge problem when it comes to online forms.

That’s why we integrate our extension with two Captcha functionalities for spam prevention.

Google reCaptcha

reCaptcha is a free security service that protects your websites from spam and abuse. 

Enabling reCaptcha is extremely simple. Just add reCaptcha element into your form.

Magento 2 Captcha

In case your country doesn’t use Google and its services, we have Magento 2 Captcha for you.

Blue Form Builder makes it more time-saving by configuring Magento 2 Captcha into an element. All you have to do is add this element into your forms.


To set up Google reCaptcha for your forms, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for an API key pair for your site including a site key and secret key.
  • Step 2: Go to Stores > Configuration. In the left panel, expand Magezon Extensions tab and click Blue Form Builder. In the right area, open reCaptcha then enter your Site key and Secret key.
  • Step 3: Add reCaptcha element to your form.

Please note that if you do not enter site key and secret key, you can still see the reCaptcha element and insert it into your forms. However, the reCaptcha will not work on the frontend.

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