SLG Lightning Success Story

Meet Bo Wells

Bo Wells is the IT manager at SLG Lightning, an OEM vertical manufacturer producing luminaires headquartered in Stafford, Texas. For us, he's really a wonderful customer who is not only enthusiastic in his work but also willing to help us review our products for improvements.

Up to now, he's bought 7 extensions from us in total and had a good experience with our products as well as services. So let's see what he talked about us!


" I am extremely satisfied with the Magezon products. Whenever you try a new extension, plugin, or something similar there is usually a big difference between what was promised and what you actually receive.  With a few other Magento developers, including the big developers like Amasty, we've ended up with something almost completely different from what was promised or something that simply did not work.  Our experience with Magezon products has been the complete opposite.  We got so much more than what we had expected. "
Quality products


" Magezon has some of the best support we've ever worked with.  They respond almost instantly and work to resolve any problems we've had very quickly.  They worked closely with us to make sure we understood how to use the products correctly when we made a few mistakes we thought were bugs.  In the few small instances where we found a problem they resolved it quickly and made sure we were 100% happy with it before closing the ticket. "
Fast and enthusiastic support

Custom Work

" We had a few instances where we needed a custom feature, or a custom element added to the Page Builder.  They were able to fulfill our request extremely quickly, and the code was top notch. Because of our experience with them we're exclusively working with them for any custom modifications we need in the future. "




Below are some videos that Bo Wells recorded to review as well as show other customers how to use our extensions. 

Magezon Review

Single Product Page Builder

How SLG Lightning Used Our Extensions?