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Menu item is one feature of Ninja Menus that helps create unlimited menu items and widen your Magento 2 mega menu. Together with other features, this one brings you convenience  while shaping a menu. Also, customers get better navigation as it lets you link items to products, category, cms page or custom url easily. 

Create unlimited menu items  

Create unlimited menu items, widen your mega menu the way you want. Use the Menu Item element to add multiple levels into your menu.

The good news is, you don't need to write any line of code, shape the menu at ease with drag and drop builder

Now, main and sub-menus are easily created just by a single click. 

Attach any link type  

Ninja Menus supports 4 link types: Custom, Category, Product and CMS Page Link. Easily add the desired link within a single click.

Except for the Custom link, when choosing 3 other types, you only search and choose from the list.

Especially, when the target page link changed, it will automatically be updated. No need to edit them from the backend which helps save more time.

Decorate the menu item freely 

We support the setting pop-up in every single menu item. Easily add title and subtitle. Attach any link type with the link builder in the general tab. 

Define your menu items' style when hover, normal and active with the full-color palette. Labels, IconsCarets can also be added at a glance. 

Finally, together with 11 elements supported and customization options, decorate the menu items freely. We doubt you will love to add some effects to your menu, they're awesome! 

Show/Hide menu item on mobile

As the Ninja Menus is fully responsive, the menu items will be designed to fit different screen sizes. On tiny mobile screens, sometimes it's hard to show all the items. Unless the menu will look very untidy. 

Deeply understand the circumstance, we support the function Show/Hide menu item inside every setting pop-up. Set the configuration individually for 5 common devices. 

Thus, using a simple switching gesture, you can make menu items disappear when displaying on mobile. 


It depends on which kind of link type chosen. If it was Custom Link, you need to copy and paste the exact link into the field.

When choosing 3 other types, you only have to search and choose the target link from the list.

When the URL of the target link changed, it will automatically be updated. No need to edit them from the backend. No more trouble!

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