Ninja Menus - 4 Menus Types Supported

Match the page design perfectly with 4 menu types supported


Another stunning feature of Ninja Menus is to have 4 menu types supported. Together with other features, this one lets you choose suitable menus that fit your site most and help customers navigate better. 

Horizontal and Vertical Menus  

Horizontal and Vertical are the most typical menu types in e-commerce today. They appear on Home Page, Product Page, About Us Page, etc.

Horizontal menu displays menu items horizontally while the Vertical menu arranges them vertically, helps to show off products but still tidy.

These menu types fit the pages with simple layouts. Also, they are suitable to be displayed on wide screens like desktop and personal computers.

Accordion & Drill-down Menus 

The accordion menu from Magezon comprises a list of items or categories. Each item can be "expanded" or "stretched" to reveal the content associated inside. Use this type when you want the benefits of a normal sidebar menu, but do not have the space to list all options. 

Drilldown menu will not "stretch out" to showcase the content inside. Instead, it just "slides" then display only the children. This menu type helps save even more space and adds an interesting effect to the navigation.

All the types are fully responsive 

Ninja Menus provides you with 4 menu types to configure on the desktop screen. Otherwise, there are 2 types supported to set as Mobile Type

This is an innovation for a Magento 2 mega menu as there's only one choice (Accordion menu) to display on mobile devices previously. 

These options in the Ninja Menus' backend setting are so clear. Above all, our 4 menu types are all tested and 100% responsive.

Now, it's able to place your menus perfectly in any screen size, no matter what menu type it is! 

Pre-designed templates for menu types 

Ninja Menus provides you a list of 8 pre-designed templates which will help save a lot of time. 

Among this list of common menus, we got 4 templates of menu types displayed beautifully. 

Set your desired Desktop Type and Mobile Type in General setting, then insert the template of each menu type. You can see how common menu types look right away. 


The accordion menu comprises a list of items or categories. Each item can be "expanded" or "stretched" to reveal the content associated inside. After clicking/hovering on the caret (plus symbol), the parent items will be stretched out to show all the children. The height of the menu then be adjusted and need more space. 

Meanwhile, the drill-down menus doesn't use the "Stretch-out" algorithm to showcase their submenus. Instead, the children will completely replace their parent items after clicking on the caret (right/left symbol). The effect here is "sliding". This way, drilldown menu helps save more space.

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