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Considered as one of the most important features of Ninja Menus, 11 elements supported means you get more choices while decorating the navigation. Together with other functions, this one makes your menu more attractive and navigate your customers through your site better. 

Build rich content & professional menus  

Our 11 elements are divided into 3 groups: Structure elements, Content elements, and Magento elements. 

Structure elements like Row and Section are used to set up the layout of the menus. 

Content element Menu Item is to create submenus. Others like Heading, Separator, Single Image provide you enough materials to build rich content and beautiful menus to attract more customers.

Magento widgets 

Magento widgets and blocks help save time configuring and reduce error risks.

This element helps with adding third-party elements to your menu from links, blocks, product lists to other menus, at a glance.

Add images at ease  

How to give your visitors visual references to navigate your website faster? Adding some images is a good choice.

No one likes a menu with full plain text. Too many texts make their eyes bored. Never let your visitors leave your page due to this reason.

So, catch their attention by selecting some of the best images from any source (your device or online URL). This can bring about more than you can imagine.

Tabbed submenus    

Have tons of products and categories to be listed? Wanna build a menu with complex structure, contain many items but still look tidy? 

Tab element can help! This element organizes the menu items and groups them into tabs. Items are grouped by categories, size or gender, etc. This way, save a lot of space for the menus. 

Place the tabs anywhere you want. Right, left, above or even below the menu items. Be an artist and design tab position beautifully. Give your menu an eye-catching format and a clean appearance.


Menu Item is the element you can use. With Menu item, you can create a submenu and configure the title, anchor link easily. 

Not all, you can also make it more attractive using labels and carets. Thousands of icons are supported. Shape its style and design at a glance and add any effects you can imagine. 

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