Ninja Menus - 8 pre-defined menus

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Ninja Menus provides a list of 8 beautifully pre-designed templates. Together with other features, this one lets beginners create Magento 2 menus at once, no coding skill needed .  

Pre-designed 4 menu types  

Among the 8 menu templates, there are 4 menu types supported. All are designed beautifully and in typical styles that meets many demands. 

Everything you need to do now is to set a suitable menu type. Then, hit the Template icon to select templates respectively.   

To make it fit  your design, edit the templates your way using drag and drop editor

Popular menus supported

Amazon menus are famous for their creative design but still simple. They are suitable for websites with a big amount of products cause they help save a lot of space.

Besides, Ultimo and Porto are ubiquitous themes in the Magento community. Every merchant loves to own a website with the elegant and dynamic layouts from these themes. And the good news is, Ninja Menus supports 2 templates that get the Ultimo & Porto style.

We believe this function give you convenience when you don't have time and idea to configure a new menu. 

Customize templates freely

Unleash your creativity to decorate the menus without limit. Create tons of different templates and save them for later uses. 

Add, move, edit or erase menu items of the existing templates at ease with customizable options. Not all, 11 elements supported gives you more choices while configuring.

Make a menu that fits all the demands and apply to your site!


Yes, of course. 

First, select a template from the list. It will be instantly added into the menu builder. 

Then, change the menu's layout, edit every single item as you want. 

Don't forget to save the configuration before leaving the editor. 

modify existing templates

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