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The first feature of Ninja Menus helps create beautiful menu layouts. Together with other functions, this one lets build stunning menus as well as gives better navigation for your customers while shopping on your site. 

Shape the menus with ease

How Ninja Menus helps while building a navigation menu? 

You can easily access and configure every single item in the menu builder. Full customization options are supported to design your main menus and submenus beautifully. 

Individual layout controls let you shape your menu layout at ease. Making a menu of 2, 3,4 or even more columns, resize and move them freely. Together with 11 supported elements, decorate your menu in your way. No code! 

Intuitive drag and drop interface

The drag and drop gesture lets anyone work well with the Magento menu. It's no longer a hard and time-consuming job anymore, shaping a menu is now so fast and interesting. 

Move the item from this to that with your mouse so easy. Moreover, you can preview the change right away. 

Save time with 8 menu templates

We provide you with 8 gorgeous ready-to-use menus, of any menu types. For those who don't know where to start, using the existing menu templates is a good choice, and also save a lot of time.

Good news, even Ultimo and Porto menu templates are supported as they are the most popular menus in Magento 2.

Menus created with Ninja Menus

So many vendors succeeded in shaping their navigation menu using our Ninja Menus. Here below, we get some beautiful ones as examples:


As said before, Ninja Menus gives you the power to shape any menu layout on your own. Without coding skills! 

Why? Our extension comes with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Thus, it's able for a Magento newbie to create a menu of 3,4,5 or even more columns. Beautiful layouts can be created easily and fast but still keep the same website speed. 

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