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Responsiveness is one feature of Ninja Menus, a powerful Magento 2 mega menu extension. Together with other features, this one will give you power to create amazing mega menus with ease and help customers navigate better through the site. 

Shop with any device 

We all know the word "Responsive" but don't really understand what it is. 

Very simple! This means Ninja Menus lets your menus look awesome in each device. 

Laptops, tablets or even smartphones? No matter what device it is, your menus will display all the important links of your featured products.

Hence, your customers can easily access any page of your site with the handy menus designed perfectly on mobile. 

As your customers navigate through the site faster, your sales will also get better! 

Accordion & Drill-down on mobile 

Mobile screens are much smaller than desktops or personal computers. That's the reason why we don't display the mega menu like it uses to be. Instead, you can choose Accordion or Drill-down menu to display. 

These 2 menu types get some differences and are demonstrated in the article of 4 menu types. However, both are displayed neatly and perfectly on mobile screens. 

Configure your mobile breakpoint freely 

In responsive design, mobile breakpoint is the size of mobile devices. When the screen size exceeds the breakpoint, the layout of the menu will collapse into another form.

Ninja Menus lets you create your mobile breakpoint instead of keeps its default. Normally, 768 pixels is the size at which your mega menu will change from Horizontal, Vertical into an accordion or drill-down menu.

However, you are now able to change that number into 700px, 600px, etc to meet your demands.

Hamburger menu

On a very small screen (Smaller than 375 pixels), we support a hamburger menu that hides the accordion or drill-down menu into an icon.
To showcase the menu, click on the hamburger icon to see what's on the list. This way, Ninja Menus makes your site tidier and gives customers the best navigating experience.


Of course, along with Accordion, we also support Drill-down Type to be displayed in mobile devices. 
Select from the Mobile Type Field:

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