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Drag & drop menu builder is one of the most important features of Ninja Menus . This feature helps save time configuring as well as money for coders. Create menus yourself to help customers navigate better. 

Top-notch intuitive interface   

The intuitive interface lets anyone change the positions of menu items, columns and rows using drag and drop gestures. Create any mega menu in minutes without coding skills. 

Set the positions for 11 elements to decorate the menu. 

To change the menu layout, hover on an item until there appears a topbar, left-click on column or row that need to re-organize. Hold and drag to desired places. Drop the mouse.

Done! Everything is so fast and easy and you can view the result at once. 

Create multiple columns  

Within a few clicks, you can create multiple columns by managing the items' positions. 

No need to use complex code like before. 

Add new columns using row layout function. Move desired items to the new columns created. All are done quickly and professionally.  

Live Preview Mode 

Worry about the menu appears on the storefront will be way more different than in the backend?

Never mind! The intuitive backend interface of Ninja Menus describes almost exactly the layout, position, size, and color of items.

After changing the items' position inside the menu, instantly view how they look right from the backend.


Previously, if you want to shape columns, you have to use some code lines which are provided by coders. They are not too complex but it's so boring using them all the time. A tiny mistake will affect the menu appearance. 

Now, Ninja Menus lets you create multiple columns just with some simple clicks. 

First, set a row and configure the row layout. Then, use the drag and drop gesture to change the items' position from column to column.

Preview the result right away so you don't need to worry about the differences between the front and back.  

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