Magento 2 Form - Google Maps Integration

By integrating Google Maps into a contact form to show your business’ location, you can gain more trust from customers.

Google Maps Integration

“Why should I add a map to the contact form?” This might be the question a lot of you are wondering. In fact, displaying a contact form with a map brings more benefits than you can think:

  • Provide your customers with details about your store’s locations and addresses.
  • Gain more trust from customers.
  • Make your contact form more visually appealing, which can boost the form conversion rates.

With Blue Form Builder, you can integrate Google Maps into your contact form. No coding is required. Just drag & drop Google Maps element anywhere in the form.

Google Maps integration_Drag & drop

Make it easy for shoppers identify your location with a marker. You can:

  • Upload your desired custom image for the marker.
  • Display the marker with additional information such as address.
  • Add multiple markers in case your business has multiple locations.
Google Maps integration_Multiple markers

Display Google Maps with the type you want. You can choose among Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

To add Google Maps to your contact forms, follow these steps:

- Step 1: Get a Google Maps API key.

- Step 2: Go Content > Blue Form Builder > Settings > General Settings, then enter your key into “Google Map API Key” field.

Google Maps_API key

- Step 3: Drag and drop Google Maps element into your form.

Please note that if you do not enter the Google Maps API key, you can still see the Google Maps element and insert it into your forms. However, the Google Maps will not work on the frontend.

Yes, it is fully responsive. No matter which devices are used, your Google Maps-integrated contact form still looks great.

Yes, you can add as many locations as you want. Besides, you can identify each location with a marker.

Google Maps_Support multiple locations

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Magento 2 Blue Form Builder Extension

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