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Powerful Customizable Options is an important feature of Magezon Page Builder. Together with others, this one helps decorate your items and blocks individually and makes the site more attractive.

Customize in any device 

To have perfect looks in different devices, the items of websites should be 100% responsive.

So, Magezon Page Builder lets you configure items in any device, separately. Just select a device from the list of 5 common ones. Then, set the items' appearance freely.

Manage elements' design individually  

We support the built-in Design Options tab for every element.

Styling in separated sections gives you more space for creativity. Define the element's margin, border, padding by entering numbers. Simplify Controls option can make the process even faster. 

Set the Alignment, Border color, and style within simple clicks. The full-color palette is ready for you. Of course, no code needed! 

Parallax Effect   

Why don't provide your background some special looks? 

Choose between Image and video to set the background type. Set its style and position. The color can also be configured. 

Adding some parallax effects can make the background more attractive. Select the Parallax Type from the list. Last, decide whether you want a Mouse Parallax or not. 


There are 3 ways:

- Use the Alignment: Set your element to the Left, Right, or Center position.

- Use the Float field: Decide to float the items to the Right or Left.

- Use the CSS Box: Enter the exact distance (in pixel) you need to move your element around.

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