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Magezon Page Builder helps create beautiful Magento page layouts in minutes, no coding skill required. Together with other features, this one saves more time and money for you. 

Create any layout without code  

All the layouts can be shaped in the fastest way. Sometimes, it's literally "in minutes" and without code.

No more programmers and long-time configuration. As you get an intuitive interface, you can create, edit, move or erase the blocks, items freely. 

If you need something special, write some code lines in the custom CSS box. However, with 50 elements supported, you can shape any stunning layout you can imagine. No code!

Intuitive drag & drop interface

The drag and drop gesture of Magezon Page Builder lets anyone work well with the Magento. No more code means no more tiring job. Unleash your creativity to shape beautiful pages fast and easily. 

Everything you need to do is just drag and drop blocks, items from this to that. Change the layout, position, size and preview the result right from the backend. 

Ready to use pre-designed templates  

Magezon Page Builder supports beautiful pre-designed templates that promise to save a lot of time. Our template library contains all the common ones. Download them with no restriction.

If you need something personalized, create your templates or modify them from existing ones. Save them for your later uses.

Both of these actions can save time and help create as many layouts as you want in a short time.

Beautiful layouts created    

Our customers were so glad as they made their websites without touching any line of code. And, the pages designed are stunning as the examples here below: 


Of course, all of them are tested carefully before updating them into the online list. They are compatible with our Magento platform, for sure!

Plus, you can modify the existing templates to fit your site style.

If you find any problem using templates, feel free to contact us via box chat or connect to our support team.

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Build Stunning Layouts Today!

Create any page layouts in minutes... What are you waiting for?

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