Magento 2 File Manager Full Features

An All-In-One Place To Manage And Organize Your Magento Site's Assets

Basic Asset Operations

Builder Interface

Create Unlimited Folders

Create as many folders and subfolders as you wish. Then, easily arrange their positions with drag and drop gestures.

Rename Assets

Rename any folder and file as you desire.

Delete Assets

Move assets to trash. All deleted assets will be stored in the Recycle Bin. 

Move To

Move a folder or file to an existing parent folder. Also, you can create a new parent folder while moving.

Right-Click Controls

Open a context menu when you right-click an asset. The menu consists of popular actions like renaming or moving to trash.

Upload Files

Upload new files using the drag and drop gesture. Choose file uploads from several sources: your computer, image link, or social networks.

File Details

Track the file details, including date, author, uploaded to, file name, file type, file size, dimension, alternative text, title, caption, description, and file URL.

Download Assets

Download your assets directly to your desktop. Folders will be downloaded in ZIP.

Restore Assets

Find removed files and folders in the Recycle Bin and restore them if you want.

Drag And Drop

Drag and drop to change folder position in the left sidebar. You can also drag and drop to upload files.

Bulk Actions

Perform multi-select and take bulk action on your assets. For instance, you can select multiple files, add them to the Favorite folder or move them to the trash.


Cut folders and files, then paste them to your desired location using the context menu.

Retrieve File URL

Retrieve the exact URL of any file type. That's handy for sharing media with whomever you like or inserting it anywhere as a link.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Make the most out of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow. Go into more details about keyboard shortcuts in the User Guide.

Easy Asset Finding



Search folders in the left section or search folders and files in the right area.

Sort Items

Sort assets alphabetically or arrange them in ascending/descending order based on the last modified time.

Filter Items

Filter assets by date, folder, image, doc, archives, audio/video, Adobe, app, etc.

Back To Previous Folder

Redirect you to the previous folder instead of the last page when you click to go back on your tab browser.


Let you know the path of your selected file/folder.

Design Options


50 Elements

Image Editing

Image Adjustments

Make adjustments to the colors and tones in your images.

Image Effects

Apply special art effects that give your images the appearance of a sketch or impressionistic painting.

Image Filters

Clean up or retouch your images with available filters.

Image Orientation

Rotate and flip your images.

Resize Image

Reduce image size while preserving details.

Add Text

Insert text to your images. More, it's able to add charm to it with a lot of styling options.

Preview Mode

Save Asset Info

Edit your file information, such as the description, and save it.

Audio Preview

Listen to your audio files in the preview modal.

Video Preview

Watch your video file in the preview modal.

PDF Preview

View your PDF files in the preview modal.


Creat "My Board"

Create boards in which only you can see your assets.

User-Friendly Interface

View Mode

Design your workspace with two view modes that are grid and list.

Multilingual User Interface

We support the most popular languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, etc.

Resizable Sidebar

Change the width of the left sidebar to suit sight.

Other Features


Find your removed files and folders in this place. Restore any desired files or folders to the previous location.

All File Types Supported

Support all file types for images, videos, documents, audios, etc.

Versatile Compatibility & Integration

Connect With Social Media

Import your media from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, Flickr, DeviantArt, Dribbble, or even Adobe Stock.

Compatible With Magento Editor

Magento 2 File Manager is born to replace the poor Magento Media Storage, so it works with everything, for example, WYSIWYG and HTML mode.

Compatible With Magezon Builder

Magento 2 File Manager is readily built compatible with all Magezon Builder extensions. You can access File Manager to manipulate your assets from any Magezon Builder extensions.

Compatible With Magento Page Builder

Whenever you use an element requiring images in Magento Page Builder, you can access File Manager.

Efficient Workflow


Advanced Features





Support & Documentation

Support & Documentation


  • Chat with us directly via the online support channel to quickly get help with either technical issues or pre-sale questions.


Besides Live Chat, you can contact us via Ticket or Email to get support at our working time.

User Guide

A comprehensive guide for each Magezon extension on how to use the extension step-by-step.

Blog Tutorials

Read our blog to get tips on E-commerce success and learn all about how to use Magezon extensions as well as Magento.

Video Tutorials

Watch our video tutorial series on our Magezon Youtube channel to know how to use our extensions in detail.

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