PDF Customizer Full Features

Create - Customize - Attach &  Print PDF Documents of high-level looks. 

Individually or in mass, no need for a Magento cookbook.

Generate PDF Documents

Builder Interface

Create Unlimited Templates

There’s no limit to the number of PDF templates. Add as many PDF templates to the grid as you want.

Manage Templates

Keeps your commercial document list organized with a clean & easy-to-use grid interface. Any actions like creating, modifying, or deleting are under your control.

4 Document Types

Order, Invoice, Shipment & Credit Memo are 4 commercial documents that our extension supports.

12 Elements 

Row, Text Block, Heading, Separator, Single Image, Site Logo, Field, Items, Total, Bar Code, QR Code, Link.

Multiple Stores & Languages

Configure the PDF documents in different languages for different store views. Your site will then be more convincing to grab worldwide visitors.

Live Preview

Add items into the PDF and see immediately how they look right from the back end. There’s no difference between front and back.

Dynamic Magento Variable

All the Magento variables are supported. Simply select from the list.

PDF-Only Elements



Add common fields such as Customer info, Billing Address & Other Details with ease. The values will vary depending on each variation.


Show up product checklist by adding Items into PDF. Common info like Name, SKU, Price, Quantity, Tax, etc can be displayed respectively.

Bar Code & QR Code

Simplify managing workload or fasten the payment process using these handy elements.


Subtotals, Tax, Shipping & Handling, Grand Total can be added at once, representing Total figures in the corresponding currency.


An extra link can give customers more detailed information. No more missing important updates, no more losing customers’ loyalty.

PDF Templates

Design Options

Import/Export Function

Transfer PDF designs from development to store & vice versa, using shortcode.

Prebuilt Templates

Dozen of prebuilt templates are ready to use. All of them are professionally designed with up-to-date formats.

Import/Export Functionality

Pull out documents into JSON files to re-use them in other sites. Save time building PDF files from scratch.

General Configuration


Attach PDF to Email

Automatically attach PDF documents to the related email with simple settings.

PDF Template

Choose from Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo ready-to-use format and configure them your way.

PDF Name

Format the name of PDF documents using formatting text.

List PDF Name

Format the name of PDF document list using formatting text.

Show Custom Printt Button

Define to show up Print Custom PDF button beside the default one on Order Page or not.

Print Button on Grid

Show/hide Print Custom PDF button as one of the listed actions on Orders/ Invoices/ Shipments/ Credit Memos grid interface.

All Product Types

No matter which kind of products are purchased, the PDF Customizer can display their details correctly and perfectly in the documents.

Look & Feel

Style the Look

Pick up from thousands of Google fonts and configure the text size & weight at ease. Custom the text, border, and other elements with color swatch.

Image & Logo

Beautify your sale documents with images imported from local devices. More, it’s possible to add a brand logo with custom size in a breeze.

Design Options

Design Options including settings for Margin, Padding, Border & Background can Moderately help with matching brand identity.

Structured PDF Documents

Organize elements neatly by dividing them into smart structures. There’s no limit in the number of rows or columns, create and replace them until it’s enough.

Printing Configuration

50 Elements

Print from Both Sides

Admin can define whether customers can print PDF files from My Orders page or not by placing a Print PDF File button.

Print PDF in Mass

Admin & Customers can easily print all the PDF documents or several ones with a simple click.

PDF Orientation

Set up and print your billing documents horizontally or vertically.

Page Size

Easily set paper size in configuration, support 3 common sizes: A4, A5, and Letter.

Show Page Number

Display page numbers in PDF documents just by simply switching a button.

Customizable Margins

Customize your PDF margins (top, right, left, bottom) easily just by entering exact numbers rationally.


Efficient Workflow


Advanced Features





Page Builder

As using the same core builder and elements, PDF Customizer works perfectly with Magezon Page Builder. Also, you don’t need to learn new tools.

Magento Theme

Being experienced times in the Magento environment, PDF Customizer is totally open source. And, it’s 100% compatible with any Magento theme.

Magento Extensions

Developed with clean and safe root code and tested thoroughly, there will not appear any problems while integrating with Magento 3rd-party extensions.

Support & Documentation

Support & Documentation


  • Chat with us directly via the online support channel to quickly get help with either technical issues or pre-sale questions.


Besides Live Chat, you can contact us via Ticket or Email to get support at our working time.

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