Create eye-catching animated sliders that are fully responsive, mobile ready.

How Slider Works

Slider element of Magezon Page Builder is an incredible way to build visually appealing and interactive slideshows that include images, videos and content. This can help you grab users’ attention quickly and encourage them to take action. 

There are 3 background types supported including images, videos from Youtube and videos from Vimeo. Display headings, captions and even buttons over the background and customize them with various options. And finally, make your sliders become lively with 2 image hover effects and tons of animations. 

One noticeable thing about Magezon Page Builder sliders is that they are fully responsive and look perfect on any device. 

3 Background Types

Use image, video from Youtube or video from Vimeo to set as background for each slide.

Slide Content Control

Displayed over background, slide content includes 1 heading, up to 2 captions and up to 2 buttons.

In this section, we’ll mainly focus on heading and captions which can be customized with such options as font size, font weight, line height, padding, text color, background color and space from the below element. 

9 Content Positions

Slider element supports 9 positions to display the content over background. 

Slide Link & Button Link

You can add links to your slider by using either slide link or button link. 

As for slide link, customers will be navigated to your target pages when clicking on slide background images/videos. 

As for button links, you can add up to 2 buttons on a single background with styling options such as style, size, font size, font weight, line height, border radius, border width, border style as well as color and hover color for text, background and border. 

Animation Effects

Slider element is full of great animation effects for slide switching as well as for heading, captions and buttons. 

2 Image Hover Effects

Choose from Zoom In and Zoom Out effects to apply to background image on hover.

Fully Responsive

With a fully responsive design, Magezon Page Builder sliders can automatically adjust their background images, videos and event content (text, buttons) to fit all screen sizes. 

If you are viewing our sliders on desktop or laptop, please do a quick check by adjusting your browser window to any width and see how the sliders adapt. 

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