Image Carousel

Catch your visitors’ attention right from the start and keep them stay at your site longer with eye-catching image carousel.

How Image Carousel Works

Image Carousel element allows displaying multiple images, portfolio pieces, brands/logos, etc. in an attractive way by adding carousel effect. Besides, it comes with various custom options that give you power to customize your image carousel easily and flexibly.

Responsive Carousel & Spacing Control

With Magezon Page Builder Image Carousel element, you can take full control over responsiveness. Choose the number of images displayed per slide for different devices (including desktop, tablet and mobile). 

Also, the element gives you freedom to set spacing between images to make a clear visual look.

Navigation Control

Image Carousel element makes it incredibly flexible to customize navigation for your image carousel.

Show Navigation

Show button navigation as dots or/and arrows.

Hide Navigation

Hide navigation with one single click.

Arrow Positions & Sizes

Support 9 positions to display navigation arrows and 4 arrow sizes. In the image carousel on the left hand side, arrow navigation is at bottom left position and has small size.

Navigation Color

Choose colors for navigation dots and arrows when they are active, on hover or normal.

Fixed Image Size or Auto Image Size

It depends on you to either crop all slider images for the same width and height (fixed) or display them in their original ratio (auto).

The first slider below includes images with auto size. The second one contains images with fixed size.

Auto Play & Number of Images That Scroll At A Time

The carousel can be set to autoplay on page load so that customers can view all images automatically without manual scrolling. In addition, you can decide the autoplay interval timeout and whether to stop the carousel from auto playing on mouse hover. 

Besides, Image Carousel element allows you to set the number of images that scroll each time the carousel slides.

Auto Play With One Image Per Scroll

The carousel auto slides with one image scrolling at a time.

Auto Play With Three Images Per Scroll

The carousel auto slides with three images scrolling at a time.

Border Control

Show border around your images with custom options including border style, width, radius and color.

Image Title & Description

Add a title and description to each image and customize them with position, background, font size, font weight and padding. Also, you can set them to be displayed on mouse hover and add a background overlay. 

Bottom Center

Middle Center

Top Center

Display Description When Hover

Custom Background and Width

Custom Font Size and Font Weight

Content with Overlay

Image Hover Effects & Custom Links

Make your image carousel more lively with hover effects including zoom in, zoom out and lift up. Also, add a separate link to each image so that when clicking on it, customers will go to your target page.

Zoom In Effect

Lift Up Effect

Zoom Out Effect

Open Images & Videos In The Lightbox

Image Carousel element allows opening images in a magnific popup lightbox when customers click on them. It also has the option to upload a different image for the popup. 

One special thing is that the element supports video lightbox. It means when you click on an image in the carousel, a video will pop up in the lightbox.

In the first image carousel below, click on images and they'll be displayed in a lightbox popup. In the second one, click on images and videos will be opened in a lightbox popup.

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