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A landing page's long-term goals

You are doing business in Magento's platform. Everything you do just has 1 main purpose: To make money. Thus, nothing's done for free, and landing - for example, Magento 2 landing pages, ain't an exception.

Like other parts of your online marketing strategy, the landing page needs goals.

No specific goals, no effective page! You'd better be clear about your goals before designing your page.

Specify your expectations for your landing page, right from the start. For instance, you would like the upcoming page converts thousands of visitors into your real customers. It can absolutely come true if you have specific goals and a detailed plan.

Also, it’s helpful to have concrete targets to compare your actual results with. These numbers could be the conversions, or the number of traffics in your landing page, or some other numbers, based on your own targets.

A landing page's long-term goals

The critical factors for stunning Magento landing pages

1. About the content

A clear call to action section

Determine the exact page goal then come up with a clear call to action. It might be one of the essential parts. As it depends directly on the landing page goal, it must be bright and eye-catching. Plus, it should be supported by other components, from headlines to images and the whole layout.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

Your landing page will be compared with others while your visitors are surfing around. Any weakness will count. Make it as flawless as possible.

In order not to distract your visitors and prevent converting, the page should get particular goals and shouldn’t include any extraneous information. Just put inside it the precise, exact and brief content but still contain the specific purpose of your page. Examining some landing page samples may give you ideas to set up yours.

Make the design as simple as possible

Every single sentence and word on your landing page should serve a purpose. Besides, that purpose should support your call to action. Just tell precisely what your visitors want to know, in as few words as possible. Last, make the best chance of having your customers respond to your call to action.

Use the forms rationally

If you have to place a form in your landing page, it must only ask for the most important information. Make sure you just ask your customers for an email address if there's a sign-up form for an email newsletter.

Make everything as easy as possible by asking for the vital things only. Thus, you may need a precise, simple form builder for this page. Just to make sure nothing but the vital factors remaining. Anything more than that decreases the chances that they’ll finish and submit the form.

2. About the design

Remove unnecessary navigation

Landing page should have unique navigation. It must be visual and minimal.

As this page is to create the conversion rate, not to show off, a mega menu with tons of extra links and images ain't suitable.

The only clickable links should be your call to action and a link to more detail information for those who are still confusing. Linking logo to your home page can be considered a good idea.

Make the Design as simple as possible 

There’s some question out there about whether it’s better to use a scrolling single page or a series of short pages (a list of mini-sites).

Mini sites generally contain short content. The advantage of it is giving users the habit of moving from one page to page. Increase the chance of conversions. However, the significant downside to mini sites is that they work best for conversion funnels that need a lot of content.

A clear call to action

Landing pages, on the other hand, need a shorter content. To target people in rural areas or developing nations, the amount of bandwidth used must be the most significant consideration.

Choose the one that contains the whole content and try to minimize the amount, aim at the primary goals only. If you find it's slow while loading this big page, try the lazy load technique that can help save time loading and bandwidth dramatically. This way, your customers won't get overwhelming with too much content and can come across as a pleasant experience.

Use any available tool

Well, hiring a web designer sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Though it may depend on how complicated your site will be, we don't think it's worth the money.

There are several options for creating landing pages without any technical skill. Create a website with popular composer like,,, etc. with many choices of using free or charged package.

Using a Magento site is somehow a bit more complicated as this platform is not easy to configure. This case, try a Magento landing page builder which is as simple as possible, for you not to get tired of setting the site. Magezon Page Builder is one of the easiest ones that let you create the website. Without any IT experience. The intuitive visual interface gives you the chance to control the game, design your site confidently without the fear of making any mistake.

Create Your Landing Page with These 9 Easy Steps

1. Define the most suitable landing page platform 

It’s the place you build your landing page. Those knowing how to write code rely on their website’s backend. Meanwhile, landing page builders are the optimal choice of those wishing to make a useful page easily with no web or design knowledge required.

2. Clarify your goal

Your conversion objective is your landing page’s goal - for example, lead collection, newsletter opt-ins, etc. Also, keep in mind that the advertising goal and that of the landing page should be in tune.

3. Select a Call to Action (CTA)

It’s necessary for your landing page’s CTA to reflect the CTA of your ad. For instance, your landing page should say “ Become a Member Today” if your ad says “Get a Full Access Free Pass”.

4. Write a killer headline

Keep it short and to the point. Plus, your headline should somehow match your ad’s headline. That said, it is your chance to restate why a user is there on your landing page, retaining and motivating them to convert.

5. Source your supporting media

Visuals like images and videos play a crucial part in boosting the aesthetical pleasure of your landing page and seamless delivery of the ad’s message. Make sure your media has superior quality, conveys a positive message, and relates to your brand and your ad’s goal.

6. Use a user-friendly contact form

Drive more conversions by making it simple and easy to fill. For example, if you’re providing a free guide sent electronically, request a user’s name and email address instead of their phone number or so.

7. Direct clicks to the landing page via your ad

To do so, update the URL of the ad with that of the landing page. While developers will use their custom URL, those using landing page builders can generate a URL that allows automatic copy-pasting.

8. Add data and analytics tracking to your landing page

Track the landing page’s performance by using analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Heap. Input the code these give you into your landing page code.

9. Optimize landing page

Give your landing page a continuous improvement after it is live and up-to-date. Ways to increase landing page effectiveness include segmenting by traffic source, adjusting the color scheme, changing images, adding testimonials, etc.

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