Magento 2 Email Builder Full Features

Create And Customize Eye-Catching Email Templates

Create Email Templates

Builder Interface

Create Unlimited Email Templates

Create as many Magento email templates as you wish like order, invoice, shipment, and credit memo email templates.

Edit Email Templates

Customize your email templates or pre-built templates from Magezon.

Name Email Templates

Name your email templates to manage them easily on the email template grid.

Edit Email Template Subject

Edit your template subject. Enter a shortcode to personalize the email for each customer automatically.

Save Templates

Save your templates in the email template grid after creating or editing.

Preview Templates

Take a look at your templates from the frontend while building them from the backend.

Delete Templates

Delete your email templates permanently.


Reset your email templates. That means all the changes you make to your templates will be deleted.

Magezon Builder Interface


Drag & Drop Editor

Build email templates using Magezon drag and drop editor. You can drag and drop to resize or move the element position.

Responsive Editing

Switch the backend builder interface to desktop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait, mobile landscape, or mobile portrait viewport. Customize your email content to make it look perfect on each device.


See the structure of your email templates in a treemap. Quickly navigate to the exact elements you wish.


View your editing history. Undo/redo changes you have made.


Copy/paste shortcode to copy your email templates across your sites.

Clear Layout

Delete the entire email content to create the template from scratch.


Edit your email templates in the fullscreen mode of Magezon builder.

Design Options


50 Elements

12 Elements Supported


A container that allows you to place any content elements inside it. Divide a row into multiple columns to create a flexible layout.

Text Block

Insert text into your email templates and stylize them using the WYSIWYG editor.


Create readable and easy-to-follow emails using the Heading element.


Add horizontal separator lines to make your email template structure clear and concise.

Single Image

Insert images to your email templates with CSS animations.

Site Logo

Display the current logo of your store using the Site Logo element. Adjust the logo width and height.

Email Logo

Upload your email logo from the media library or insert an external link. Customize the logo width and height, add logo ID and alternative text.

Email Menu

Create a horizontal email menu that links to your homepage, category pages, or product pages. Stylize the menu background, color, font size and border radius.

Social Buttons

Link your emails to social networks using the Social Button element. Display your buttons in a list or a bootstrap column. Stylize the button text and images.

Footer Links

Create a footer including links to your socials and website. Stylize the footer headings and links.


Insert a copyright message into your email template to create a sense of professionalism. Freely customize the message text.

Load Template

Load default Magento templates and variables then insert them into your email templates.

Email Template Grid

Email Template Grid

Manage all your email templates within a grid. You can see the ID, name, created date, updated date, subject, and type of your templates.


Filter your email templates based on the template ID, name, created date, updated date, subject, and type.

Reset Filter

Reset all the filter data you have applied to the grid.

Per Page

Define how many email templates will be displayed on a page of the grid. You can select a value from 20, 30, 50, 100, and 200.

Page Navigation Arrows

Go back and forth across all the grid pages using the navigation arrows.


Magezon Page Builder

Magento 2 Email Builder is readily built compatible with the Magezon Page Builder extension. That means once you install two of them, other than Email Builder 12 elements, you can also use Magezon Page Builder 50+ elements.

Efficient Workflow


Advanced Features





Support & Documentation

Support & Documentation


  • Chat with us directly via the online support channel to quickly get help with either technical issues or pre-sale questions.


Besides Live Chat, you can contact us via Ticket or Email to get support at our working time.

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A comprehensive guide for each Magezon extension on how to use the extension step-by-step.

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